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South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Class

South Carolina Concealed Weapon Permit Class

This class is taught by a SLED / SCCJA Certified Instructor and Active Law Enforcement Officer (SLED stands for South Carolina Law Enforcement Division for people new to the area)

Terry Vinesett 1-803-554-8224

Cost $75.00 (Includes:Class Instruction, Range Fees, SLED Package, Fingerpringing, Course Booklet, etc.)

Course Offers:

  • Basic firearm construction and operation
  • Ammunition construction, identification and ballistics
  • Firearm safety
  • Fundamentals of firearm shooting
  • Proper firearm storage
  • Use of deadly force and South Caroina firearm laws
  • Range instruction and demonstrations

What you MUST bring:

  • Pistol, preferable one you intend to carry
  • 50 rounds of ammunition
  • Personal eye and ear protection
  • A belt and side worn holster for your firearm
  • South Carolina Driver’s License with current address


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